Masaż relaksacyjny Wrocław

Tantra basic

Classic relaxation massage of the whole body combined with an exceptional tantric massage with special emphasis on the intimate zone of Lingam. Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that leads to the gates of the infinite power of sexual energy. By worshiping sexuality as a natural and primary source of our life potential, we activate the possibilities that flow from the temple of our body. During the massage, through the sensitivity of tantric touch, you will experience the transformation of your own sex energy, which until now has been limited by the factors of everyday life, will be released and reach its peak after the massage. After covering you with the sensitivity and acceptance of the masseuse, after subtle arousal of your sensuality, we will gradually unblock the energy points of the whole body, so that during the active stimulation of your intimate Lingam party in complete reunification with your own divinity could restore what is holy, feel the sublimity of the entire ceremony and allow yourself a natural expression of fulfillment and celebration of the masculine aspect of your sexuality, achieving deep relaxation in the sense of perfection and satisfaction and solace with respect for nudity and intimacy.

Masaż całym ciałem

Tantra Body to Body

Sensual massage, deeply relaxing, characterized by sensuality at a higher level. It is performed with a naked body in order to strongly stimulate your sensations. Through close contact with the energy flowing from the perceptible corporeality you will be endowed with touch sensitivity, wrapped in feminine care and body heat – all this will convey to you smooth movements of the masseuse made in constant contact with your body, which will impulsively balance with the intensity and type of techniques performed, to excite every part of your body in a unique way and to encourage you to express more activity abounding in pleasure. As a result, the flow of energy resulting from the contact “BODY TO BODY” will complete the needs arising from your male nature will be so that in the final part based on the lingam party massage, in honoring your body could experience the rise of energy to the maximum and the experience of complete fulfillment in the intensity experienced orgasm.

Masaż tantra Wrocław

Tantra Seduction

A proposal for men who want to feel with their own receptors the senses of sanctity flowing with direct contact with a woman’s body and those who want to understand the magic of using the touch themselves. Massage, in addition to relaxing elements and based on a tantric ceremony ended with a finalized massage of the lingam zones, allows also to establish contact with a greater depth of mutual bodily communion. The masseuse, who takes you into your own hands with respect and acceptance, through subtle sensual communication expressed in gentle, stimulating gestures and body movements, helps to awaken your sense of tenderness, covers you with carnal guidance and instructs you how to seduce your body with a controlled touch.

Masaż dla Panów Wrocław

Massage double pleasure

Massage for men who appreciate direct realization of their impulsive desires and expecting increased value of sensations. The uniqueness of this service lies in the initial discharge of the tension in the body, by stimulating the lingam zone with the final finale in the first place allows you to feel relaxed, relaxed and calmed internal tension, then – based on tantric massage techniques – gradually awaken your body from a sense of bliss and through increase in sexual tension, bring them once again to the peak form of activity and readiness to express the energy potential which, by repeated stimulation of the lingam zone with the reached apogee, re-introduces you to the state of unity with the infinite source of sexual energy. Massage will give you experience of duplicated pleasure flowing through the body through your body, proving that your possibilities are endless.

Masaż Wrocław tantra

Massage with the initial game

In addition to tantric manual massage activating the sensations coming from the touch, the offer also contains a stimulating and visually satisfying element – an introduction in the form of an erotic show with elements of a striptease, in a suitably prepared room. Before you get wrapped up in the touch of a masseuse, you will be awoken by grace and the charm of feminine nudity, which in moves full of sensuality and passion flirting and provoking will seduce you with beauty, awakening your cravings and erotic fantasies – after introducing you into this state of elation – you will experience an intense body massage , where your sensations awakened in the first show part, will be realized through massage directly on your body in order to release the excitement of your excitement in the form of the final manual end through the active proximity and stimulation of the intimate zones.

Masaż tantryczny Wrocław

Tantric massage for four hands

It is an unforgettable experience, absolutely unique and changing the perception of pleasure. Sometimes using synchronous movements on both halves of the body and sometimes following intuition. Two masseuses or masseurs simultaneously massages the right and left sides of the body or up and down. A double dose of relaxation, relaxation and full bliss. Tantric massage for 4 hands is offered to people who have already adopted several tantric massage sessions for 2 hands and their sexual energy begins to flow freely through energy centers. Then such people can actually feel the benefits of four-hand massage. We start the massage with a short meditation of three, during which we settle in the body and together with a slow movement and deep breath we release all tensions, stress and negative emotions. We connect with each other on the level of consciousness, heart and body – which allows us to tune with each other and prepare the space for an extremely deep experience.

Masaże relaksacyjne Wrocław

Basic tantra for women

Give yourself a special way to pamper yourself, Tantra Basic Massage dedicated to all women who are looking for a moment of pure love for themselves. You will see the benefits of this massage from the very beginning, you will find an immediate sense of physical and mental comfort, which will also last in the next few days, in some cases up to two weeks. It relieves the symptoms of stress, anxiety and migraine and helps to solve problems with insomnia. As a result of tantric massage, you will eventually accept your own body, regain self-confidence and self-esteem, feel more attractive and rediscover femininity. Removing emotional blocks helps everyone who has difficulty in getting pleasure or sometimes noticed a reduction in sexual desire. By dissolving emotional blocks, you can overcome the moments of depression and help to solve major injuries, such as those caused by violence or sexual abuse. What’s happening in massage In our center in Tenerife, our task is to make women more closely to the experience of Tantra. We make every effort to discover the beauty of this massage, currently unjustly unknown and unexplored by the female audience. Friendliness, cordiality, seriousness and professionalism are your guarantee. Only a woman can know the deep art of caring for another woman, you will be guided by loving hands to immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere thanks to candles and relaxing music. First, you will be put into a state of partial abandonment by breathing exercises, on a comfortable futon mattress. With respect and devotion you will achieve slow and full gestures of warm oil and essences that you can choose from. Repeated gentle strokes will wake up your entire sensory system, and meanwhile allow the first level of unlocking energy points (chakras). When your mind and body expands in a state of complete relaxation, Yoni’s massage will appear, a sequence of precise techniques performed manually in the intimate area and subjects so that they can break a taboo about female sexuality with respect and delicacy. Yoni massage is completely optional and is the choice for the client.