In addition to the tantric manual massage activating the sensations of touch, the offer also includes a stimulating and visually satisfying element – an introduction in the form of an erotic show with elements of striptease, in a properly prepared room. Before you are wrapped in the masseuse’s touch, at the beginning you will be awakened by the grace and charm of female nakedness, which, in movements full of sensuality and passion, flirting and provoking, will seduce you with its beauty, awakening your innermost desires and erotic fantasies – after putting you in this state of elation – you will experience an intensive massage of the whole body , where your sensations awakened in the first show part will be realized directly on your body through massage, so that in the final stage, through active proximity and stimulation of intimate zones, they will release the reins of your excitement in the form of a final manual ending.

Masaż Wrocław tantra
Length Price
90 min 175 euro
60 min 140 euro
45 min 125 euro

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