Originating in Japan, Nuru massage with foreplay is one of the most sensual forms of touch. It will ignite your senses and open you to completely new experiences. Combined with the spectacular dance show that will precede it, it will make you feel fully relaxed and satisfied. Check what this service looks like in practice..

Nuru massage with foreplay step by step

To prepare you for the unique sensations that our masseuse’s touch will provide you, you will first participate in a sensual visual show. In sensual movements, she will get rid of clothes for you, seducing and flirting with you. Once your senses are fired up, the proper Nuru massage with oreplay will begin. What distinguishes it from other techniques is the fact that the masseuse uses not only her hands, but her whole body, including breasts, stomach, thighs and buttocks. Contact with her skin is very stimulating, which intensifies the sensations. If you love to enjoy the beauty of women’s charms, this is the perfect choice for you.

Masaż Wrocław tantra
Length Price
90 min 215 euro
60 min 175 euro

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