It is an unforgettable experience, absolutely unique and changing the perception of pleasure. Sometimes using synchronous movements on both halves of the body, and sometimes following intuition. Two masseuses or masseurs massage the right and left sides of the body or the top and bottom at the same time. A double dose of relaxation, relaxation and full delight

We offer tantric massage for 4 hands to people who have already taken several sessions of tantric massage for 2 hands, and their sexual energy begins to flow freely through the energy centers. Then such people can really feel the benefits of a four-hand massage. We start the massage with a short meditation for three, during which we settle in the body and, together with slow movement and deep breathing, let go of all tension, stress and negative emotions. We connect with each other at the level of consciousness, heart and body – which allows you to tune in with each other and prepare the space for an extremely deep experience.

Tantric massage for men – Wrocław

Maximum level of relaxation, feeling as if stress is flowing from the body in gentle waves. This is a state that can only be ensured by a perfect tantric massage for men, performed by experienced masseuses with subtle hands. Discovered in antiquity, today appreciated anew, it is the most sensual way to catch a moment of respite. If you need a moment of break from the hardships of everyday life, choose a tantric massage for men in Wrocław.

The positive effect of tantric massage for men on the body and soul Stress has a negative impact on many aspects of life. It impairs the ability to rationally make important decisions. It painfully tightens the muscles, leading to unpleasant cramps. It makes it difficult to fall asleep and wake up at the right time. It makes us nervous and we lose confidence. Tantra massage is a unique way to eliminate problems not only in the mind, but also in the body and soul. Delicate fingers of experienced masseuses disperse the worries hidden deep in muscles, joints and skin. Tantric massage is recommended for every man struggling with fatigue, insomnia, lethargy, neurosis and depression.

Masaż tantryczny Wrocław

The course of tantric massage for a man

The uniqueness of this type of massage is related to the accompanying atmosphere of absolute sensuality. It is hidden in every little detail. The massaged person relaxes surrounded by pleasant aromas, calming music and atmospheric candles. This unique aura, emphasized by the soothing voice of the masseuses and the sense of their hands, provides an unforgettable experience. A massage session for men is a slow transition from everyday tension to relaxation. The masseur is brought into this state by common meditation. The sensual massage that follows causes a pleasant tension, subtly relieved by skilled female or male hands. It is a session where shame stays behind the door and every part of the body becomes equally beautiful, important and deserves an equal level of relaxation. The massage takes place on a comfortable, wide mattress, ensuring the highest level of comfort for both the massaged person and the massagers.

Length Price
90 min 130 euro
60 min 110 euro
45 min 95 euro

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