Welcome to an unusual place, filled with mysterious mysticism in the spiritual dimension of the corporeality of every human being. Living Bastion Bastet, through offered massages – sacred body rituals – invites you to a journey where you touch the depths of your divine interior and experience ecstatic rapture with sensitive and caring hands specialized in practice masseuses that take care of your well-being from the beginning until the goal of your visits – achieving the state of relaxation, bliss, freedom and finding the fullness of yourself in the interior of the soul and heart. The living room is made to a high standard – with attention to the aesthetics of every detail – so that you can feel like in an ancient temple where your ability is experience of bodily fulfillment and divinity.

Masaż erotyczny

At the beginning we will welcome you with the candlelight, the smell of smoldering incense in the sounds of romantic, meditative music. We will help you choose the right massage for you, to work together with your body to counter all the ailments of your body – reduce stress, relieve tension, improve blood circulation, strengthen the muscularis, introduce you to deep relaxation and relaxation and above all – make that your energy sources will be in top form and you will feel fully in your vital, corporeal and mental abilities. Everything with careful cleanliness, hygiene and ensuring high quality comfort – in the celebration of silence, peace, deep understanding, and respect and acceptance in the presence of the Goddess. The fullest experience of internal depth and transformation is achieved when a person massaged completely gives in to the hands of a massage therapist. Each subsequent massage in the series can open and help you discover your body and your spirituality at an increasingly higher level.