Usually depicted as a cat or a beautiful slender woman with the head of a cat or lioness. Often with the Ankh cross – a symbol of life and the Sistrum – a musical instrument struck, which was her attribute of power. The goddess of femininity, happiness, motherhood, but also the guardian of our inner child – the Egyptian Bastet. Hear her purr.

A woman hides certain patterns of attitudes, internally dormant roles that are unchanging in all cultures. They are best shown in myths and ancient beliefs in the form of Goddesses. Archetypes – prototypes are universal, regardless of the place on earth, regardless of the era. They have their own energy that can awaken in us and reveal itself in certain circumstances, unusual situations related to destiny or fate. When you need to take a certain posture. Such an experience is usually very strong, filled with emotions and leaves a permanent mark. Mythological goddesses, although detached from our reality, can then be a signpost in our transformations. One such figure who can be an inspiration to women in our time is the goddess Bastet.

Masaż erotyczny

Bastet – Goddess of love, beauty, grace, joy, music, dance, home hearth, pleasure, joy and of course cats. She is also the Goddess of home, children and motherhood, dance, perfumes, liniments and everything that we associate with happiness.

Due to her Egyptian origin, she was associated with the sunrise and gained the name of the Lady of the East, the Goddess of the rising sun, the eye – Ra.

Then, when the warriors of Alexander the Great occupied Egypt, under the influence of Hellenic beliefs, she was called the Goddess of the Moon.

Bastet’s help ensured happy relationships, love and fertility. Women who wanted children wore Bastet amulets with kittens.

Men believed that the Bastet amulet protected them from disease and demons. How can Bast help today? It can be an inspiration for many changes.

It can help you find love or renew love in an existing relationship.

It can help to attract more happiness and joy into our lives, you can ask her for care and protection for the family, awakening femininity, grace and independence.