Nuru massage is a Japanese technique of erotic massage. It is considered the most sensual and erotic form of massage in the world. It is based on the contact of two naked bodies. The masseuse uses her breasts, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and the whole body to massage your body.

Thanks to this, it is an extremely intimate, delicate and alluring massage. It is perfect for all men who love the beauty of the female body.

Nuru massage provides not only physical relaxation, but is primarily responsible for the needs of the sexual sphere. It is the fulfillment of many men’s fantasies and helps to relieve sexual tension.

As you know, long-term tension and lack of relaxation make the human body overcome by depression, chronic fatigue and drowsiness, and finally it falls into a state of complete apathy. This is especially true for people living in big cities who live in constant tension.

To get an extraordinary state of relief, relax the whole body and forget about stress, we invite you to our Goddess Bastet salon for an extraordinary nuru massage that will provide you with an extraordinary surge of energy, vitality and unforgettable sensations.

Length Price
90 min 140 euro
60 min 95 euro

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