This massage is definitely more than just a simple cosmetic procedure – in its homeland, Hawaii, lomi lomi has been a ritual of entering a new life for centuries and was a symbolic beginning of change. Lomi Lomi massage – what is it?

This deeply relaxing technique consists primarily of touching the whole hands and forearms with the use of warm oils. It is a great feast for body and soul. If you choose this treatment, you will experience an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and relaxation, which is so difficult to experience in the rush of everyday duties. If your body needs something special, a lomi lomi massage in Wrocław will give you relief and allow you to fully devote yourself to the “mindful touch”, otherwise known as “the cat’s soft paw”.

Who is such a massage in Wrocław intended for?

This ritual is perfect for people who feel that a classic relaxing massage is no longer enough. It is
especially valuable for those who:

  • are struggling with long-term stress,
  • getting ready for life changes,
  • looking for relaxation and new experiences,
  • need deep relaxation.

Its impact is felt on many levels, and the intensity releases muscle tension, thanks to which after the lomi lomi nui massage the functioning of our body and joint mobility significantly improve.

Beneficial influence

In addition to the beneficial effect on the well-being and mental state, after the procedure, the general improvement in health is also felt. The techniques used bring the following results:

  • help stabilize the nervous, digestive and skeletal systems,
  • improve blood circulation – have a rejuvenating effect,
  • cleanse of toxins,
  • accelerate metabolism,
  • reduce muscle tension,
  • provide benefits for skin that becomes firmer and more elastic

Professional lomi lomi nui massage in Wrocław is offered by Salon Bodesi Bastet. By visiting it, you can find out about the unique advantages of the treatment, supported by centuries-old tradition. You will experience unprecedented relaxation and renewal, and you will feel the effects both in the physical and mental spheres. Allow yourself this moment of respite.

Length Price
90 min 65 euro
60 min 55 euro
45 min 50 euro

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